Thank you to all of those who donated and sent refereals out to friends!

I am more than 1/2 way to my Goal!

Thank you to everyone who donated
Fundraising Ideas

I just wanted to give you all an update on my little ad hoc fundraiser to replace my computer and say thank you for all of your help.
Normally, I would not ask for help in this manner, but with the economy in such a bad state, there is no promise that I will find a job so quickly. Your help will make it possible to stay online look for jobs and communicate with others on an “as needed” basis.

Although I will miss many of the people in the OSA community I feel blessed to have met so many special people. Although I believe that the decision may not have been one grounded in equality, I am more focused on finding the opportunities that will hopefully make me even happier than I was in the past 3 years (if that is possible).

Friends and family
All of your requests for me to have more free time to spend with you has arrived and I don’t know how long it will last. So please call, write, text, send smoke signals or the bat signal if you must, for I am free. Thank you for supporting me right now; all of the people in my life have done such a great job taking care of me.

It is nice to know that whatever lies ahead of me, there are some beautiful souls surrounding me to help me to enjoy my continued journey of creating more harmony and safety in the communities that I am a part of. This type of support got me through this “hellish” year of working full-time while taking full time graduate courses on a quarter system. The good news is that I have completed my Master of Science in Education. Hopefully this milestone will make my search for a job a little easier.

I want to thank the people individually who donated, but that will go out in an email when this is all over. I was going to list it, but then considered that some people may want to remain anonymous.

So once again, thank you for your help. Feel free to encourage others to donate, or if you see a job opening that fits me, please forward it to me.

Have a great SUMMER!